Frictional Games Release Pre-E3 SOMA Trailer

by Greg Hillon June 11, 2015
Coming this September.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Details From Konami Pre-E3 Conference

by Robin Parkeron June 3, 2011
During the Konami pre-E3 Press Conference, Hideo Kojima took the stage as part of the huge announcement that they are working on a High-Definition Collection of Metal Gear Solid games, as well as producing an HD version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – both for PlayStation 3 AND Xbox 360. The HD Collection includes […]

Watch The Konami E3 2011 Press Conference

by Adam Cookon June 3, 2011
E3 is so close now, we can almost taste it. As is the norm with Konami, they have held their E3 press conference a little earlier, where they have announced some new upcoming titles, such as the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3 and Xbox 360 (which contains MGS2, 3 and Peace Walker), or […]