Mad Catz Announce New Headset, The Tritton Pro+

by Adam Cookon August 17, 2012
New to the Pro+ however, is improved sound separation and bass response, because the speakers inside the earcups have been repositioned.

Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO Review

by Sean Smithon March 28, 2012
Arcade Fightsticks are the ultimate way to experience any fighter, but how does the Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO hold up? find out with the full review at

PES 2011 3D Will Be Available As A 3DS Launch Title

by Mark Bridleon February 7, 2011
Unless you live in a cave, are Amish, or hate new technology and have ended up at this website by mistake, then you will be aware that Nintendo recently announced their new handheld system; the Nintendo 3DS. Arriving in Europe on March 25th, the handheld has just added another high profile title to its list […]

PES 2011 Coming Soon To Windows Phone 7

by Mark Bridleon January 6, 2011
Crap at real football? Regularly humiliated online even though you picked Barcelona and the ten year old who beat you was playing as Burnley? Well, Konami Digital might have answer for you. Pro Evo Soccer 2011 is coming to Windows Phone 7. The game will be focussing on the realism and gameplay from the console […]