Papo & Yo Review

by Sean Smithon August 20, 2012
It shares, with the likes of Miyazaki’s finest works, the fantastical sense of what it means to inhabit and view the world through the eyes of a child, a place where walking alongside a hideous, glowering monster seems somehow more natural, and makes perfect sense. This game is how Caballero has chosen to confront his demons, and for that it is truly something to be admired.

Papo & Yo Launch Trailer Released

by Adam Cookon August 9, 2012
Papo & Yo is a part of Sony's PSN Play promotion, which also includes the likes of CS: GO and Sound Shapes ,which we reviewed this week. Minority Media have released a launch trailer, to celebrate the impending launch of Papa & Yo, for all to see.

Papa & Yo Announced As Part Of PSN Play 2012

by Colm Ahernon July 10, 2012
Sony have highlighted what games will be a part of 2012's PSN Play promotion. Indie title Papa & Yo is one of the marquee inclusions.

Sony Announces PSN PLAY, A Rival To Microsoft’s Summer Of Arcade

by Terry Lucyon August 5, 2011
Sony has announced its new PlayStation Network Store promotion, PlayStation Network Play, which is a promotion ti rival Microsoft's Summer of Arcade.