PSP GO Getting A Price Drop On November 1st!

by Adam Cookon October 25, 2010
In a move that can only be seen as a “we want your Christmas/holiday cash too!” type effort, Sony are to drop the price of the PSP GO system on November the 1st. The drop will be from $249 to $199 in the USA, £225.99 to £159.99 in the UK and 26,800Yen to 16,800Yen in […]

Split/Second Comes To PSP

by Aaron Sullivanon July 7, 2010
The recently released aforementioned title will be coming to PSP and PSP-Go this holiday season. If you are unfamiliar with Black Rock Studio’s racer then you can check out our GodisaGeek review, here. In short though, Split/Second is your usual high octane racer with the added bonus of explosions, lots and lots of explosions. The […]

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Coming to PSP

by Asim Tanviron May 4, 2010
Sony have today announced that the PSP is to get another helping of God of War goodness in the form of a new title called God of War: Ghost of Sparta. This new portable outing for Kratos is, once again, going to be developed by Ready At Dawn Studios (the team that churned out the […]

Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker gets delayed!

by Aaron Sullivanon January 29, 2010
If you anything like me you look forward to anything Metal Gear Solid like an obsessed crack addict desperate for their next fix. Sadly for our Japanese neighbors the delicious looking  Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker has been delayed in Japan. The title had originally been scheduled for a 18th of march release date in Japan […]

Sony Fights Back Against Piracy With The PSPgo!

by Aaron Sullivanon August 31, 2009
Sony have stated that the reasoning behind making the PSP-Go’s battery internal-only is to combat software piracy. Apparently they weren’t all too happy that the Pandora Battery made their beloved handheld easier to hack into and so have stated: “You won’t be able to rip your games and play them on the [PSP-Go] system, the […]

Europeans can get Gran Turismo PSP free with PSPgo!

by Asim Tanviron August 18, 2009
No you don’t need to get your eyesight checked out, the headline of this article is 100% correct. Andrew House (CEO of SCEE) announced at GamesCom that if you live in Europe and buy a PSPgo you can get Gran Turismo PSP for free. All you have to do is register the PSPgo between the […]

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Sony stomp all over the competition

by Aaron Sullivanon June 2, 2009
As I write this the Sony press conference has just come to its conclusion. Now to begin with we at GodisaGeek had already come to the conclusion that this E3 would be their time to shine. Looking at things, they had potentially the strongest lineup this year and the need to make up for the […]

New PSP a Go-Go

by Asim Tanviron May 30, 2009
There has been an immense amount of rumour and loads of speculation regarding a new PSP being released by Sony, well it has been pretty much put to bed now. In the new episode of Qore, (which has been leaked) the existence of a new PSP has been confirmed and it will be called PSP […]