Chillingo iOS Roundup – Volume Four

by Martin Bakeron August 11, 2011
It’s time again for another round up of some of the multitude of Chillingo titles that have been released since we last talked. As you can expect from a publisher that doesn’t like to tie themselves down to a single genre, these games cover the whole range of styles that the iOS devices are used […]

Relentless Software & Chillingo Announce ‘Quiz Climber’ For iPhone

by Martin Bakeron February 16, 2011
Chillingo are at it again, releasing games for the iPhone that people are inevitably going to get massively addicted to, forcing me to buy them so that I can once again feel like I’m “with it”. That would be a fine excuse if they weren’t so addictive! This time they’ve teamed up with the social […]