Gold Rush Coming To Fable III: Kingmaker This Christmas

by Tony Windebankon December 22, 2010
Calling all Fable III fans! The elves at Lionhead Studios have a treat in store for all of you. If the free in-game Christmas hat wasn’t enough, those who signed up and played the Fable III: Kingmaker App, currently available for over 60 devices, there is a rather nice surprise waiting for you budding geo-tagging enthusiasts out there.

Fable III Kingmaker Review

by Tony Windebankon October 21, 2010
GAME: Fable III Kingmaker DEVELOPER: McCann London, Lionhead Studios, Grapple Mobile and Unit 9 PUBLISHER: Microsoft Game Studios AVAILABLE ON: Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone 7 via (Reviewed on iPhone 4) If you cast your minds back to before the arrival of Fable II , Mr. Molyneux and the team at Lionhead Studios released […]