Trials Rising review

by Chris Whiteon February 25, 2019
The wheel world

Trials Rising Open Beta to run from February 21 – 25

by Chris Hydeon February 14, 2019
Pre-download available from February 19

Trials Fusion now available for free on Games with Gold

by Adam Cookon August 16, 2017
Gotta go faster! No wait, that's Sonic.

Trials of the Blood Dragon Review

Trials of the Blood Dragon Review

by Adam Cookon June 28, 2016

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max DLC brings back the soul

by Adam Cookon July 16, 2015
Ginger cat riding forwards on a fully grown unicorn.

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Trials Fusion Multiplayer free on PC this weekend

by Nick Gillhamon December 19, 2014
Fuuu-sion HAH!!!!!!

Trials Fusion fuses in 8 player multiplayer

by Nick Gillhamon November 6, 2014
Welcome to the future...again!