Capcom Humble Bundle announced

by Chris Whiteon August 23, 2016
Capcom goodness

PlayStation Plus Offerings for November are Bloody Ridiculous

by Adam Cookon October 11, 2013
No superlatives left in the bank, sorry.

Remember (Me) One of Our Favourite Games with an eBook Sequel

by Francis McCabeon June 24, 2013
A game lauded for its storyline gets a book to continue the adventure.

Remember Me Review

by Mick Fraseron June 3, 2013
The memory remains

The Godcast: Season 5 Episode 35

One week it'd be nice to not talk about the Wii U. But not this week, obviously.

Remember Me Preview – Worth Championing

by Adam Cookon May 7, 2013
DONTNOT are most definitely not playing it safe, as we discover upon playing the first few levels.

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Explore the World of Memories With New Remember Me Trailer

by Jonny Lewison May 2, 2013
Remember Me is looking like one of the more interesting action games to grace 2013, as this new trailer ably demonstrates.

See the Enemies of Remember Me in New Trailer

by Robin Parkeron April 5, 2013
Another new trailer for the upcoming futuristic action thriller Remember Me from Capcom, shows us the enemies you will face off against.

Remember Me Release Date Confirmed for June

by Adam Cookon February 27, 2013
Capcom have today confirmed to us that the game will be released in North America on June 4th, and in Europe on June 7th.