Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 Switch Review

by Chris Whiteon December 3, 2017
Blood in your hands

Resident Evil Revelations 2’s New Enemies Detailed

by Mike Stubbsyon January 7, 2015
And a ton of new screens
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Capcom Gives Reminder of Upcoming Blood Swimming Pool Event

by Francis McCabeon May 17, 2013
You really should read this warning label.

There Will Be Blood in the Water- at Least in London

by Francis McCabeon May 10, 2013
Prep for the inevitable zombie invasion by diving off 'freshly killed human corpse' diving boards.

New Resident Evil Revelations Trailer Shows Off Wii U Features

by Jonny Lewison May 7, 2013
Check out the new Revelations trailer which focuses on the Wii U edition of the upcoming 3DS port.

Resident Evil: Revelations HD to Receive Season Pass Treatment for Four Add-Ons

by Adam Cookon April 11, 2013
As is often the way, people will find information before they are probably supposed to, and thanks to Steam, we now know that the HD remake of Resident Evil: Revelations will have four pieces of DLC, and you can get a season pass to make them cheaper, overall.