Rise of Nightmares Review

by Robin Parkeron October 4, 2011
Fans of cheesy horror and violence have finally got a motion control game worthy of their attention, and it certainly isn't a Nightmare to play, but walking into walls may give you some bad dreams.

Kinect Gets Mature With Rise Of Nightmares

by Robin Parkeron August 4, 2011
The game that aims to introduce Kinect gaming to a more mature audience and move away from the cartoon fluffiness that has populated the gaming library for the motion control device – SEGA’s Rise of Nightmares – will be hitting store shelves on September 9th. To build anticipation for that fact, SEGA have released both […]

SEGA Announce Release Dates For Upcoming Titles

by Robin Parkeron July 1, 2011
What appears to be the first mature-rated Kinect title, SEGA’s first-person survival horror Rise of Nightmares, has been given a new release window by the publisher, as well as a handful of other big titles that have had their dates announced. Rise of Nightmares should be bringing it’s disturbing brand of horror into your living […]

Rise Of Nightmares Brings Something New To The Kinect Library

by Martin Bakeron June 14, 2011
If there’s something missing from the library of Kinect games that’re currently available it’s something from the survival horror genre. Some people love it, some people hate it but most people agree that when they’re watching a survival horror film they’ll be waving their arms in front of the TV screen, so why not take […]