New character from Risen 2: Dark Waters revealed

by Neranjan Venomon March 21, 2012
Today a fifth member of the cast of castaways that make up Risen 2: Dark Waters was revealed. As you can see the aptly named Bones will be making an appearance in this upcoming pirate themed epic. Bones was formally the ships doctor but was betrayed by his crew and left for dead. Bones was […]

Risen 2: Dark Waters gets a release date.

by Neranjan Venomon March 14, 2012
Argh matey! Growing up as a kid I watched a great cartoon called Pirates Of Dark Water. That show blended pirates and magic with excellent story telling and now fans of all three of those things can get their swashbuckling on with Risen 2: Dark Water. Coming ashore¬†for PC on April 27, 2012 Risen 2:Dark […]