Rumor Alert: Team Ico Collection Coming In 2011

by Niraj Shahon May 28, 2010
Just like the God of War Collection, Team Ico is expected to bring out their own collection consisting of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. TheSixthAxis was told unofficially that the collection is on the way and is due in early 2011. Both titles will be available on Blu-ray disc for the PlayStation, presumably on the same disc [...]

SCEA: Arc is a “Code Name” for Motion Controller

by Niraj Shahon February 5, 2010
Despite some solid evidence that the motion controller from Sony will be called “Arc”, SCEA’s Patrick Seybold has said PlayStation Arc is a “rumored code name” for the upcoming motion controller. In a tweet, Seybold said, “We haven’t announced the name of our Motion Controller. He referred to it as a rumored code name.” “He” […]

Rumor Alert: Mass Effect 2 Will Be On PS3 Before End of Year

by Niraj Shahon February 3, 2010
There has been a number of rumors circulating this week regarding Mass Effect 2, currently only available on the Xbox 360. References in the code and anonymous sources confirm that a PS3 version is likely, and expected before the end of the year. Mass Effect 2 has been out for about one week and a [...]