New Contra Game Teased By Konami

by Robin Parkeron June 3, 2011
At the end of their pre-E3 Press Conference held yesterday, Konami showed an image that suggested they were bringing back one of their most well-loved franchises. A fireball flashed across the screen and the image of a flaming “C” appeared, accompanied by the words “They’re Coming” – which seems to indicate that the company is […]

Hard Corps: Uprising Review

by Robin Parkeron February 17, 2011
Game: Hard Corps Uprising Developer: Arc System Works Publisher: Konami Available on: Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network (XBLA version reviewed) In 1987 arcades were exposed to a new run and gun action game from Konami. Two playable characters Bill and Lance – crack Commandos – tasked with the mission of taking down a terrorist […]