Minecraft has now sold over 100m copies

by Greg Hillon June 2, 2016
4 copies sold in Antarctica.

Shovel Knight tops 1.2 million copies sold

by Greg Hillon April 18, 2016
Digging for gold.

Pokémon series has sold over 279m copies worldwide

by Greg Hillon March 17, 2016
201m without spin-off titles.

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Modern Warfare 3: The ‘Biggest Entertainment Launch Ever’

by Alex Wozniakon November 11, 2011
I’m not sure if you noticed but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the latest entry in the long-running series, launched earlier this week. There was even a party to celebrate it’s release. Activision have since released the North American and European sales figures for Modern Warfare 3, and suffice to say they are rather […]

Sony PlayStation Move Has Sold 4.1 Million Units Worldwide

by Adam Cookon November 30, 2010
Sony have just announced that their PlayStation Move motion controller has sold 4.1 million units worldwide in the 2 short months it has been available! This news is hardly surprising though, as you can tell from our review of the peripheral here, the device is extremely precise, easy to use and has excellent build quality. […]