Saint & Greensie Episode 007

by Adam Cookon February 22, 2012
Hi there listener, come on in! In episode 7 – or “Getting Down on One Knee” – Sean and Colm are talking comedy games.

Saint & Greensie Episode 006

by Adam Cookon February 15, 2012
In Episode 6 of Saint & Greensie - entitled "The War is Over" - we get to hear yet more fun and frolics from our resident swearers. ONLY on

Dead Space – Bloody, Brilliant & Innovative. But Is It Horror?

by Mary Gooddenon January 23, 2011
When it was released in 2008, Dead Space was the deserving recipient of a plethora of awards including IGN’s award for “Best New Intellectual Property”. In its end-of year rundown, IGN breathlessly hailed Dead Space as “one of the most harrowing tales of the year”, citing the good ship Ishimura’s “dread and despair” as the […]