Spooky New Images Of PC Adventure Black Mirror 3 Emerge

by Robin Parkeron February 28, 2011
Just in case their Black Mirror 3 story trailer didn’t give you a good idea of what to expect from the upcoming Horror Adventure Game sequel, publishers Lace Mamba Global have today released a whole host of scary new images to promote the title. They are all quite unnerving and eerie images, and point towards […]

Top 5 Scariest Games – Martin Baker

by Martin Bakeron January 24, 2011
Over the years there have been many games that have considered themselves a part of the horror genre, only a few of those can truly been considered “scary” though. Fear is a strange thing, it’s personal experience of something, some people can find the mere thought of a clown terrifying whilst other people can find […]

Top 5 Scariest Games – Robin Parker

by Robin Parkeron January 20, 2011
As part of the Horror Month here at GodisaGeek, each of the writers on the site are putting together lists of their top 5 scariest games. January will see the release of Dead Space 2, sequel to one of the most truly scary video games in recent memory, and we are celebrating that release by […]