New Tekken 7 Trailer from Comic Con

by Adam Cookon July 27, 2014
Also: Tekken x SF still happening, apparently

PlayStation 4 Supports PlayStation 3 Headsets

PlayStation 4 Supports PlayStation 3 Headsets

by Lee Garbutton July 18, 2013
Don't throw out your PS3 peripherals just yet...

Halo 4 San Diego Comic-Con Wrap Up Video Revealed

by Adam Cookon July 30, 2012
We've got the wrap up video from SDCC, showing all of the excitement from the show as well as including commentary from 343 Industries' David Ellis, Josh Holmes and Kevin Grace.

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HAWKEN Impresses the Crowd at E3, Aims to do so at SDCC and Gamescom Too

by Martin Bakeron July 6, 2012
HAWKEN is coming, but are you ready for it? Or do you just think you are?