Shinobi Review

by Sean Smithon December 6, 2011
It's been a while since we've seen a new Shinobi game but one has finally emerged for the Nintendo 3DS. What it worth the wait? Find out with the review now!

SEGA Release Behind the Scenes Video for Shinobi 3DS

by Adam Cookon December 1, 2011
Shinobi hasn't really been around for a while, so it's good to see that SEGA are promoting this Nintendo 3DS outing with gusto, this time with a behind the scenes video.

3DS Release Date For Shinobi Sneaks Out From SEGA – CRUSH3D Follows Suit

by Robin Parkeron July 20, 2011
One of SEGA’s most well-loved characters and former figureheads will be making his return to home consoles later in the year. The Shinobi franchise will be making its return with the first entry in the series since 2003, as Shinobi is due to be released on Nintendo 3Ds. That game has now been given the […]

Shinobi 3DS Announcement Trailer

by Adam Cookon July 15, 2011
Asking some of you to go back to 1987 to remember the first Shinobi game might be a bit much to ask, and honestly, we’re showing our age here – but we remember if very fondly. So it’s with great pleasure that we have the announcement trailer for Shinobi on Nintendo’s 3DS console for you! […]