Raiden IV x MIKADO Remix

Raiden IV x MIKADO Remix review

by Sean Smithon January 27, 2023
Throw your hat into the ring.
Mushihimesama title image

Mushihimesama review

by Lyle Carron June 19, 2021
It's raining bullets!

Retro/Grade Review

by Sean Smithon September 2, 2012
A well-crafted, high-quality, genuinely impressive game, every sale of which will go towards helping 24 Caret come up with their next title. Who wouldn’t want that?

Akai Katana Review

by Sean Smithon May 16, 2012
Yet another superb effort from Cave, this is soundly their finest horizontal scroller since they teamed up with Capcom back in the day, and one which comes with a completely brilliant sense of risk/reward thanks to the Attack/Defence modes and the use of the Phantom. Read the full review at GodisaGeek.com.

Sine Mora Review

by Sean Smithon March 21, 2012
Short, overwhelmingly sweet, and the best horizontally scrolling shooter in many moons. What a game, what a surprise. Read on for the full review.

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Top 10 Side Scrolling Shoot ‘Em Ups

by Sean Smithon February 10, 2012
Bullet heaven.

DoDonPachi Resurrection Review

by Sean Smithon November 18, 2011
As one of the great survivors, Cave have managed to maintain their popularity and critical success, despite the decline of the coin-op in the West and the niche nature of their games.

Deathsmiles On Xbox 360 Is Coming To Europe!

by Adam Cookon October 28, 2010
In a move that can only be described as surprising yet brilliant, the incredibly popular Cave shoot-em-up Deathsmiles is finally going to be coming to Europe on Xbox 360! Deathsmiles is one of the more popular Cave titles of recent times, and until now the only way to get hold of it was to import […]