Double Kick Heroes

Double Kick Heroes review

by Lyle Carron August 12, 2020
Apocalypse rock

Singstar Frozen Is Coming To PlayStation

by Robin Parkeron December 4, 2014
Time to Let It Go

Singstar Ultimate Party Review

by Sean Smithon November 19, 2014

Video: Let’s Play Singstar Ultimate Party

by Adam Cookon October 29, 2014
My favourite redhead

Prep your Hairspray and Leg Warmers – Singstar is going Back To The ’80s

by Robin Parkeron September 14, 2011
There hasn’t been a new Singstar title form Sony’s London Studios for some time – since the Move enabled Singstar Dance and Singstar Guitar last year in fact. But now Sony Computer Entertainment Europe can proudly announce the development of its latest disc of songs in the Singstar series, as the go Back To The […]

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We Sing Encore Mini-Review

by Calvin Robinsonon September 13, 2010
Game: We Sing Ecore Developer: Le Cortex Publisher: Nordic Games Available on: Wii Exclusive Release Date: 20th August 2010 (buy now) The We Sing brands brings singing to the Nintendo Wii. Much like Singstar on the Playstation and Lips on the Xbox 360, We Sing is all about video game karaoke. We take a look […]