The Sly Trilogy Review

by Adam Cookon January 5, 2011
Game: The Sly Trilogy Developer: Sucker Punch / Sanzuru Games Publisher: Sony Available on: PlayStation 3 only Almost everyone will have a list of games, films or even music that they’d like to see remade or revisited with a modern sheen added to them. Be it the entire back catalogue of The Beatles being remastered […]

Sly 4 On The Way?

by Asim Tanviron November 15, 2010
According to video hidden away in The Sly Collection, it looks like Sly 4 is likely to get a release sometime in the future. To gain access to this teaser video you have unlock all the trophies in The Sly Collection, which we imagine will be no easy task. Sneaky on the part of Sony […]