More Brink! More Trailers! More HUD Details!

by Mark Bridleon May 3, 2011
Some game trailers are thrill rides, teasing the excitement of a new title whilst hinting at all the new gameplay opportunities hidden within. It makes you desperate for a game, willing to forego reviews and better judgement to get your pre-order in RIGHT NOW DAMMIT. Other trailers are tutorials about how the HUD works. This […]

On The Brink Of Another Trailer

by Mark Bridleon April 27, 2011
The game marketplace is chock full of shooters. Not only that, some of gaming’s behemoth brands happen to be shooters too. In simple terms, making your shooter stand out in against the biggest and best games in one of the most crowded genres in the industry is total nightmare. Fortunately the team behind Brink is […]