Hideo Kojima to Host Developer Session at Eurogamer

by Lee Garbutton August 7, 2012
The man behind Metal Gear, Snatcher and Zone of the Enders will be present at this year’s Eurogamer Expo for a special Developer Session.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Review

by Tony Windebankon March 1, 2012
Snake and The Boss have finally come to the Nintendo 3DS. Can they relive this classic title successfully in 3D? Find out with the full GodisaGeek.com review now.

Konami Reveal All About Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

by Adam Cookon September 15, 2011
When it comes to HD collections, the only one that people will be clamouring for aside from the Team ICO Collection, is the Metal Gear Solid package, and Konami have today revealed exhaustive details on what will be included, and it's pretty special.

Nintendo Confirms Comic-Con Line Up

by Mark Bridleon July 18, 2011
Following their big E3 announcement, Nintendo have committed themselves to a world where everyone is looking past what they are doing now, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Wii U in 2012. So that we don’t forget there current generation of consoles, good ol’ Ninty are bringing a whole host of new and existing titles […]

New Metal Gear on the way

by Asim Tanviron May 27, 2009
As some of you might know Kojima Productions have had a teaser site up for a week or so now hinting at their new game. Up until now all we have had is a few letters/numbers and a couple of countdowns, nothing much to write home about. That has now changed, when the latest countdown […]