Retro Corner: SSX Tricky

by Robin Parkeron March 2, 2012
As a new re-boot of the SSX franchise launches from EA this month, the Retro Corner looks back at the stand-out game in the series, SSX Tricky.

EA Sports Invite Fans to Jump off of Battersea Power Station – In the Name of SSX [Updated – Now with Pictures!]

by Martin Bakeron March 1, 2012
To celebrate the imminent release of SSX on 2nd March, 2012, EA Sports invited fans to Battersea Power Station and asked them to jump off of the iconic building, tricking their way to the bottom. Don't worry though, it wasn't a suicide pact, they were all attached to a zipline.

SSX Review

by Adam Cookon February 28, 2012
It has been quite some time since the last SSX release. This reboot had a lot of potential, but did it live up to it? Find out now with the verdict.

SSX Preview

by Rik Wortmanon February 2, 2012
Hands on preview with the hugely anticipated reboot of SSX.

New SSX Slides Into View

by Mark Bridleon April 11, 2011
I love cheerful canadian folks. They always brighten my day. Particularly when a bunch of them are introducing a “Making Of” video about the upcoming game in one of the all time classic snowboarding series, SSX. It’s about time. SSX and SSX Tricky were two of the best games on the PS2 and the Xbox. […]