New Soul Calibur V Story Trailer and Screenshots Released

by Adam Cookon January 18, 2012
A brand new trailer showing the story of Soul Calibur V has been released, along with some new screenshots.

Soul Calibur V Preview

by Mark Bridleon August 1, 2011
It was recently discussed on the GodCast whether the fighting game genre was going through a renaissance. No firm conclusion was reached, but what did become clear, was that for the last decade a number of titles have attempted to define the beat-em-up genre. Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Tekken, Dead or Alive and Soul […]

Soul Calibur V: Behind The Game Trailer

by Adam Cookon July 7, 2011
When Soul Calibur V was announced at the Level Up event in Dubai, the news was met with a lot of excitement and joy. Since then, we’ve had a few snippets of information, including some screenshots, some teases, and even a gameplay trailer to enjoy. What we have here today, is a nice behind the […]

Gameplay Trailer For Soul Calibur V Released

by Robin Parkeron June 3, 2011
After the tease of what little information we saw about Soul Calibur V on Wednesday, where a single screenshot confirmed that the project was happily going forward – Gametrailers are now showing a full gameplay video taken from the title, which shows many of the different characters in action. The video features some of the […]