The philosophical journey of No Man’s Sky

by Chris Whiteon August 3, 2016
No-one will hear you scream

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Review

by Mark Bridleon September 19, 2011
Visible, violent death, and a little bit more.

New Black Prophecy Patch Introduces New Missions & More!

by Martin Bakeron May 3, 2011
Black Prophecy is a space MMO developed by Reakktor Media that was released on the 21st March 2011 in Europe. The game is set in the 26th century, where mankind has expanded across the galaxy, yet only few of its colonies are controlled by Humans. Two main factions dominate space: the cybernetically enhanced Tyi and […]

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Mass Effect 2 PS3 Version Now Dated

by Asim Tanviron December 11, 2010
Do you hear that? It’s the sound of PlayStation 3 owners around the world screaming with joy in unison. Why? Well, just take a look at title of this news article! One of the best titles to be released this year and the first game ever to receive an official GodisaGeek 10/10 has finally received […]