The Voice Of Master Chief Has Spoken – Halo 5 Due Next Year

by Robin Parkeron March 11, 2014
Straight from the Spartans' mouth

Halo 4 Preview – Hail to the Chief

by Joe Bognaron October 8, 2012
In this Halo 4 preview we learn about the new enemy, the Pomethians, their weapons and the great new game modes Halo 4 has to offer. Read the whole preview at

Halo Reach “Defiant” Map Pack Goes Worldwide Today

by Sean Smithon March 15, 2011
As if Halo Reach wasn’t awesome enough, today sees the release of the spiffy new Defiant map pack which will make shooting internet randoms in the head all the more fun over a variety of new environments. God Is A Geek has all the details right here! Spartans, steel yourselves for a new test of […]

First Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer Released

by Asim Tanviron March 3, 2010
Bungie have today released a brand spanking new trailer showing off the multiplayer mode that will feature in Halo Reach and, well, it looks rather fantastic. New additions include weapon loadouts, one stab kills and jet packs! Yes, you read that correctly folks. You will be able to fly around maps and take out human opponents across […]

New Halo Reach Gameplay Footage

by Asim Tanviron February 12, 2010
Bungie have released their first video documentary (or ViDoc, if you will) for Halo Reach and it includes some new gameplay footage. When you watch the video the first thing you will notice is that Bungie have certainly added a little more “oomph” to the good old Halo engine, old being the key word there. […]