Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call Review

by Sean Smithon December 19, 2011
Game: Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call Developer: Level-5/Brownie Brown Publisher: Level-5/Nintendo Available on: Nintendo DS Only You know a game series has crossed right over into the mainstream when you see an advert pop up on prime-time TV, invariably showing some culturally diverse pop combo or celebrity family pretending to play a DS or […]

A Week in Gaming: 21/11/2011 – 25/11/2011

by Alex Wozniakon November 25, 2011
Alex Wozniak takes a look at a Week in Gaming on God is a Geek, with a round-up of the week's news, reviews, articles and more.

Professor Layton to Return in Prequel Game – Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call

by Martin Bakeron September 12, 2011
If you’re the type of person who enjoys the odd puzzle game now and then, you’ve probably already played a Professor Layton game or two, however, if you’ve never played any of the games before then there’s no better time to get in on the title that everybody’s been playing than now, with a shiny […]