Twisted Pixel’s XBLA Back Catalogue Available for Just 800 Microsoft Points

by Colm Ahernon April 12, 2013
Right now, you can pick up the Twisted Pixel Bundle for a measly 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Marketplace

Twisted Pixel Becomes the Latest Member of Microsoft Studios

by Martin Bakeron October 12, 2011
As a step in continuing to deliver Microsoft Studios’ innovative game and entertainment offerings, Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Austin, Texas-based game developer Twisted Pixel, the creative minds behind Xbox LIVE Arcade titles such as Ms. Splosion Man and the recent Kinect for Xbox 360 title, The Gunstringer. From its beginnings in 2006 as […]

Trials HD Coming To Retail, Along With ‘Splosion Man & Limbo

by Adam Cookon March 28, 2011
If you’ve never played, or heard of Trials HD (or ‘Splosion Man & Limbo quite frankly), where the hell have you been? Perhaps you don’t have access to Xbox LIVE, and thus the Arcade that these titles nestle within is out of your reach? Perhaps you simply don’t have the ability to purchase them? Well, […]

God is a Geek Meets Twisted Pixel

by Adam Cookon January 4, 2011
Twisted Pixel are fast becoming everyone’s favourite developer. With their fabulous sense of humour that translates into their games, it’s not hard to see why either! Recently, Twisted Pixel announced their latest upcoming title to be Ms. Splosion Man, the follow up to the much acclaimed Xbox LIVE Arcade hit ‘Splosion Man and were […]

Comic Jumper Review

by Adam Cookon October 4, 2010
Game: Comic Jumper Developer: Twisted Pixel Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios Available On: Xbox LIVE Arcade only Formed in 2006, Twisted Pixel are a small independant studio that are best known for games containing plenty of humour and fun.  With “The Maw” they debuted on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade to a mixed rection.  The follow up […]