LEGO Ninjago: The Video Game Announced For Nintendo DS

by Mark Bridleon February 10, 2011
Many years ago, when beer was two pounds a pint and Lady Gaga just a vivid nightmare, LEGO was simple little toy bricks that kids played with and toddlers choked on. They were innocent times. Nowadays, LEGO comes with exciting names like Universe, Pharaoh’s Quest and Atlantis. Newest of all is LEGO Ninjago and today […]

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Announced

by Mark Bridleon February 1, 2011
Fans of Final Fantasy, rejoice! Square Enix have announced they are bringing one of the good Final Fantasy’s to the PSP; Final Fantasy IV. Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, as it is now known, is going to be released for Sony’s existing handheld system sometime during this spring. The Complete Collection includes both Final […]