Mobile Monday – Contre Jour, Quarrel Deluxe, Bounder’s World & SPY Mouse

by Martin Bakeron September 5, 2011
Mobile Monday starts now! There was you thinking that the GodCast was the best thing about Mondays.

Firemint Releases Spy Mouse into the Wild

by Martin Bakeron August 25, 2011
An epic tale of danger, intrigue, stealth and cheese, SPY mouse is the next big game from the creators of the worldwide hits Flight Control and Real Racing. Two years in the making, SPY mouse builds on the intuitive line-drawing mechanics pioneered by Flight Control, and follows the increasingly outlandish adventures of Agent Squeak. A […]

Spy Mouse Risked It All To Bring Us A Secret Message – A New Gameplay Trailer

by Martin Bakeron August 3, 2011
Agent Squeak risked teeth and tail to recover this highly-prized morsel of intelligence from the clutches of his clawed foes; just for us. What lies inside this mysterious package? Could it be a miraculous formula to transmute air to cheese? Or perhaps blueprints for cat-kind’s kryptonite, the laser pen? All the message seems prepared to […]

Firemint Announce “SPY Mouse” For iOS Devices

by Adam Cookon July 13, 2011
Firemint are a big player in the iOS market, being the developers of such beloved titles as Flight Control, or the magnificent looking Real Racing 2. This is, in their words, is Firemint’s “third big game and original IP”: SPY Mouse! SPY mouse is the story of a dashing, bite-sized hero, committed to a dangerous […]