Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition to Recieve a 2012 Balance Update

by Adam Cookon December 2, 2011
Before you start ranting, this isn't a new version of the Super Street Fighter IV game, just an update to the arcade edition, which Capcom say is simply to rebalance each of the 39 characters that are playable in the game.

Nintendo Secures Deal With Capcom To Distribute Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition In Europe

by Adam Cookon January 26, 2011
After also securing a deal to distribute the recent Nintendo DS title “Ghost Trick”, it seems Nintendo and Capcom are continuing this fruitful relationship with Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition! “Nintendo and Capcom today confirmed that they have entered into a distribution agreement for the forthcoming game Super Street Fighter™ IV 3D Edition to be […]

A Week in Gaming With Aaron Sullivan

by Aaron Sullivanon August 1, 2010
So here we are, our third week of “a week in gaming with…” and it’s shaping up quite nicely isn’t it? After last weeks epic self proclaimed rant at GAME/Gamestation stores from our very own Asim Tanvir (and rightly so considering the service he got), I’ve decided to try and keep this weeks dose of […]

More Super Street Fighter IV Characters?

by Aaron Sullivanon July 23, 2010
The console version of Super Street Fighter IV has been banging around for a while now and because of that all eyes are firmly placed on the upcoming arcade release of the title. While it is still unconfirmed whether the tweeks that are being made to the arcade version will be transferred back to consoles, arcade purists […]

SSFIV Juri Vs Chun Li Trailer

by Aaron Sullivanon February 12, 2010
We are back again with more Street Fighter goodness and although there is no gamplay footage present in the trailer this time around it doesn’t make it look any less cool. The bulk of the trailer is centered around Chun Li as she fights newcomer Juri on what looks like some sort of scaffolding but […]

SSFIV Rose and Sakura Screens

by Aaron Sullivanon February 5, 2010
Not that you need any more reasons to be excited about SSFIV, infact considering the subject matter these screen shots aren’t likely to get you anymore excited than you currently are. Even so we thought we would be so kind as to bring them to you out of the goodness of our hearts. No new […]

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Super Street Fighter IV Boxart!

by Aaron Sullivanon January 27, 2010
So Super Street Fighter IV is slated for an April 27th release in America and the 30th for us Brits as you may have all heard by now and if you haven’t I would love to know the location of that rock your hiding under. We thought we would be nice and show you what […]