The Godcast: Season 4 Episode 25

by Adam Cookon June 25, 2012
Back to the regular format this week, Adam, Calvin, Lee and Ryan have lots of games to talk about, and plenty of news.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

by Sean Smithon June 22, 2012
Can Heavy Armor stand proud as being the first truly full-on, grown up Kinect corker?

Ghost in the Shell Director Releases Live Action Trailer for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

by Tarak Fordon June 19, 2012
Award winning director Mamoru Oshii presents, in collaboration with Capcom, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor: Gosha.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Preview

by Joe Bognaron May 14, 2012
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is a game with full Kinect integration and some wild scenes of heavy battle of mechs in a war in the future.