Marvel’s Midnight Suns season will include Venom and Deadpool

Marvel’s Midnight Suns season will include Venom and Deadpool

by Adam Cookon October 27, 2022
Morbius and Storm are also coming.

IndiePub Releases Storm’s Autumn Trailer

by Martin Bakeron July 30, 2011
indiePub recently released its Autumn trailer, the third of four season reels, for their upcoming serene puzzle game, Storm. Control the cold, crisp wind and maneuver the elements to advance through the Fall foliage. Storm features 49 intriguing levels where players control and manipulate seasonal weather conditions to turn seeds into trees by guiding them […]

Storm Is Coming To XBLA, PSN and PC!

by Tony Windebankon July 13, 2011
Have you ever looked out the window and thought “God damn it I wish I could control the weather! Bloody… (Insert residing country here)”? Well good news as indiepub games are releasing their second seasonal trailer, (the first trailer was shown at the end of June) for their new title that goes by the name […]

indiePub Reveal First Seasonal Trailer For Upcoming Downloadable Title “Storm”

by Adam Cookon June 29, 2011
Storm feels as though it has been coming a long time. Way back in December 2010 we brought you news that the game existed, along with a video showing how things go from concept to launch. At that time, we starting getting quite excited about Storm. Like most people, we’re always interested to see what […]

Storm In A Teacup Review

by Martin Bakeron June 3, 2011
Game: Storm In A Teacup Developer: Cobra Mobile Publisher: Chillingo Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Reviewed on iPad) There are a lot of games out there for iOS devices. A lot of them are shockingly bad, put out there to get the developer a quick cash injection before the world realises how bad […]

Zoo Games Concept to Launch Video: Auditorium HD & Storm

by Adam Cookon December 7, 2010
Zoo Games’ indiePub division have just released a rather captivating video that shows how feedback from it’s online indie games community helps progress from concept to launch. The new video showcases the evolution of the recently-released music puzzle game Auditorium HD as it prepared for its PlayStation Network debut, as well as the development of […]