Street Fighter IV on PS4 will Support PS3 Fightsticks

by Adam Cookon May 22, 2015
Means I'll be playing it.

Capcom Donating Sales Of Street Fighter IV iOS To EarthQuake Victims

by Adam Cookon March 16, 2011
The games industry can sometimes be a cynical place to exist inside, but sometimes there are things that just make you happy, and this is one of those things. Capcom is distributing worldwide the iPhone version of “Street Fighter IV” at a price of 0.99 USD (115 yen in Japan) for one week starting on […]

Two New Characters Confirmed For Super Street Fighter IV Arcade?

by Aaron Sullivanon September 1, 2010
Okay, so you know the drill people. There is a new arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV on the way soon and, of course, Capcom are going to tease us all until we can’t take it any more. Chances are that when they do finally reveal who is making it into the port, none of you […]

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Street Fighter IV iPhone Version 30% Off!

by Adam Cookon April 28, 2010
To celebrate the imminent release of Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom have decided to reduce the price of the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV by 30% for 3 days only! That takes the price from fairly pricey £6.99 to a much more affordable £3.99. Remember, this deal is for 3 days only.  You can […]

Street Fighter IV Coming to the iPhone

by Aaron Sullivanon February 15, 2010
Oh no they didn’t, oh yes they did! Street fighter IV is coming to an iPhone near you and we have the screenshots to prove it (thanks to IGN). Suprisingly the iPhone interpretation of the title maintains its graphical style and we are told that every fighter included will come with thier complete move list […]

2010 GAME British Academy Video Games Awards Nominees

by Aaron Sullivanon February 10, 2010
So with the BAFTA’s around the corner it would seem it is time to start voting again and have your say on what you think was the best game of 2009. Today GAME released the nominees for the award and being as it’s the only one that is available to vote by the general public […]