Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Review

by Sean Smithon November 4, 2012
We take a close look at the Vita offering of the Street Fighter and Tekken crossover; Street Fighter X Tekken. Read the full review at

Street Fighter X Tekken Punches Its Way To European Vita Consoles On October 19th

by Ryan Sandreyon July 20, 2012
If you’re yet to pick up Street Fighter X Tekken, perhaps the Playstation Vita version will be the one to persuade you to take up Capcom and Namco’s cross-over fighter, with a whole host of exclusive features and the biggest roster of fighters available.

Mad Catz Unveiled Event Roundup

by Joe Bognaron July 20, 2012
A roundup about the Mad Catz Unveiled event that was held in London on the 13th July 2012. Tritton and Cyborg brought their A-game for sure. Read the full article at

Street Fighter X Tekken FightPad SD Review

by Sean Smithon March 31, 2012
We all know that Fightsticks are usually the way to go when playing any game in the fighter genre, but how does Mad Catz' Street Fighter X Tekken Fightpad hold up? Find out with the review.

Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO Review

by Sean Smithon March 28, 2012
Arcade Fightsticks are the ultimate way to experience any fighter, but how does the Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO hold up? find out with the full review at

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Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken V.S. Edition Fightstick Review

by Adam Cookon March 27, 2012
In terms of the Mad Catz range of fightsticks, this is the absolute pinnacle. A beast of a stick that will have friends salivating over it. If you can afford it, if you love fighters, you'd be mad not to try and get the V.S. Edition in your life. Find out what we thought with the review.

UK Charts: Mass Effect 3 Is Number One

by Adam Cookon March 12, 2012
As you’d expect, Mass Effect 3 dominates the chart, hitting the top spot with ease. SSX manages to retain the second spot (perhaps thanks to some heavy advertising) whilst Street Fighter X Tekken takes third place.

Street Fighter X Tekken Short Film: The Devil Within

by Adam Cookon March 10, 2012
To celebrate the release of the fantastic Street Fighter X Tekken, Thousand Pound Action Company have created a short film entitled "The Devil Within".