Mac Medley – Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings, Super Crossfire

by Martin Bakeron June 1, 2013
This time on Mac Medley, we’re taking a look at Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings from Fenomen Games and Super Crossfire from Radiangames.

Space Invaders + Awesome = Super Crossfire HD: An Interview with radiangames

by Martin Bakeron December 8, 2011
A few weeks ago we reviewed the awesome Super Crossfire HD for the iPad, if you haven't already downloaded it (and you should have, shame on you) then maybe this interview with the creative minds over at radiangames will pique your interest. Only at!

First Look (On Tour) – Chillingo New Titles

by Adam Cookon October 11, 2011
In this edition of First Look (On Tour), Dan shows us Stunt Hamster, Super Crossfire (from Radian Games!) and Little Lost Chick. All three games look like excellent fun, though Super Crossfire (on the iPad) really stands out as a superb title.