First gameplay of Tennis World Tour 2 shown

by Lyle Carron July 3, 2020
Anyone for Tennis?

A screenshot of AO Tennis 2

AO Tennis 2 is out now on PC & Console

by Lyle Carron January 9, 2020
Make Tim Henman proud

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Look Who’s on the Court Trailer Released

by Mikhail Madnanion October 21, 2015
Court designs, characters, smashes, and more.

Kinect Sports: Season Two – Basketball Challenge Pack Review

by Robin Parkeron April 10, 2012
The Kinect Sports franchise is the most successful Kinect titles. Now, Rare have released their first DLC add-on for Kinect Sports: Season 2 that actually introduces a brand new sport into the game. Check out the full review at

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Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition Review

by Sean Smithon February 27, 2012
We've seen a lot of tennis games over the years, even some for the handheld consoles, and the release of the PlayStation Vita is no different. Virtua Tennis 4 is one of the new system's launch titles, but it is any good? Find out with the review now.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 Review

by Sean Smithon February 16, 2012
With Virtua Tennis and Top Spin having all the fun, what of EAs plucky Grand Slam Tennis 2? Full review on

Kinect Sports: Season Two Review

by Robin Parkeron October 25, 2011
With Kinect Sports being the most successful Kinect title to date, Rare are releasing a sequel, bringing gamers a new selection of sporting activities. Here is the review of Kinect Sports: Season Two.