WWE All Stars Demo Hitting The Mat On 22nd March

by Martin Bakeron March 15, 2011
THQ has confirmed that the demo for the upcoming arcade style wrestling game, WWE All Stars, will be coming to the Xbox 360 on the 22nd March 2011. The PlayStation 3 will get the demo a day later on the 23rd March 2011. The demo will feature The Ultimate Warrior and Rey Mysterio, two unique […]

WWE All Stars – Superstars & Legends Roster Reveal Screenshots

by Martin Bakeron February 28, 2011
Earlier today we posted about a brand new trailer that THQ had released showing the second half of the Superstars & Legends line-up from their upcoming wrestling game WWE All Stars. Well, we’re back again with yet more goodies for you to feast your eyes on. Trailers are good if you want to get a […]