The top 10 best Dreamcast games of all time

The 10 best Dreamcast games of all time

by Sean Smithon October 11, 2021
To be this good takes Sega.
French Letters Episode 1

French Letters – 05/07/2014

by Lee Garbutton July 5, 2014
This week: Melon Bread, Fore-play and Swords

The Retrocast #16 – Gunstar Heroes (MD)

The Retrocast #16 – Gunstar Heroes (MD)

by Lee Garbutton May 21, 2013
This week...Lee & Robin tackle a true cult classic!

Guardian Heroes Review

by Sean Smithon October 12, 2011
Never a company to go along with current trends, the Saturn was the perfect place for Treasure to unleash a story-driven, RPG-tinged, side-scrolling beat-em up with wonderful 2D graphics. That game was Guardian Heroes, and until now, it has been associated with those same high prices on auction sites, the same reverential tone in discussions on games forums. To date, there has been no other way to play this game, lest you break open the savings and buy a Saturn and a copy of the game. Naturally I was a bit excit...

Guardian Heroes Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade This October

by Martin Bakeron September 6, 2011
SEGA announced today that Guardian Heroes, Treasure’s classic Action-RPG brawler for the SEGA Saturn, arrives on Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 12th. Players will be able to experience all of the original title’s side-scrolling action in fully re-mastered HD, both alone and with up to 12 friends online, for 800 Microsoft Points. Guardian Heroes isn’t […]

Gold Rush Coming To Fable III: Kingmaker This Christmas

by Tony Windebankon December 22, 2010
Calling all Fable III fans! The elves at Lionhead Studios have a treat in store for all of you. If the free in-game Christmas hat wasn’t enough, those who signed up and played the Fable III: Kingmaker App, currently available for over 60 devices, there is a rather nice surprise waiting for you budding geo-tagging enthusiasts out there.

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Fable III Kingmaker Review

by Tony Windebankon October 21, 2010
GAME: Fable III Kingmaker DEVELOPER: McCann London, Lionhead Studios, Grapple Mobile and Unit 9 PUBLISHER: Microsoft Game Studios AVAILABLE ON: Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone 7 via (Reviewed on iPhone 4) If you cast your minds back to before the arrival of Fable II , Mr. Molyneux and the team at Lionhead Studios released […]