ArcheAge: Revelation launches on December 10

by Mikhail Madnanion December 8, 2016

Free to Play Online RPG Trove Announced

by Mike Stubbsyon November 15, 2013
Alpha sign ups open now.

The Rift Autumn Harvest Update Goes Live

by Michéal Murphyon October 18, 2013
Now with 100% More Pumpkins

Rift Gets New Content

by Michéal Murphyon September 19, 2013
To Beyond Infinity And!

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Defiance TV Show Renewed for Second Season

by Adam Cookon May 13, 2013
At least SyFy don't kill off shows I like... [LietoMe]

New Defiance Trailer Shows Plot While Show Breaks Records

by James Bowdenon April 16, 2013
Learn about the Ark Hunters and how Earth came to be infested with big red bugs thanks to this lovely new Defiance trailer.