The Buff Up Show Epsiode 9

by Aryel Abrahamion August 4, 2010
The Cataclysm beta has a new build and StarCraft II has just been released. Aryel and Twisted are on hand to discuss the latest going-ons with Blizzard’s latest games. They are once again joined by Louise plus a brand new guest called Av. Mr Av is an avid druid player and lets us know about […]

The Buff Up Show Episode 8

by Aryel Abrahamion July 21, 2010
God is Geek’s World of Warcraft Podcast is back with episode 8 of The Buff Up Show. Aryel and Twisted host the show as usual and are joined by special guest Louise. The controversial yet useful Real ID system is discussed, Louise gives us a female perspective, whilst Aryel tells us all about the Cataclysm Beta and […]

The Buff Up Show Episode 7

by Aryel Abrahamion June 4, 2010
The Buff Up Show is back after a lengthy break, myself Twisted and special guest Nazdreg are on the show to discuss the latest topics: ICC Buff is now at 20%, how is it effecting raiding? Cataclysm 10 and 25 man exclusive raids. Patch 3.3.5. The $2.99 remote Auction House. StarCraft 2 Collectors Edition and […]

The Buff Up Show Episode 6

by Aryel Abrahamion March 22, 2010
Yet more time has passed in the World of Warcraft with myself and Twisted on hand to discuss all the hot topics effecting Azeroth. We highlight some of the key points of patch 3.3.3 including the new Frozen Orb vendor in Dalaran, the 5% Icecrown Citadel raid buff, is it a good or a bad […]

The Buff Up Show Episode 5 – The Lich King Is Dead

by Aryel Abrahamion February 9, 2010
The Lich King is dead! Yes Arthas has been downed on both 10 and 25 man normal modes of the encounter opening up the heroic mode for the most skilled raiders. Myself and Twisted are once again on hand to discuss all the latest WoW news and will be delving in to the world first […]