UFC 4 review

by Chris Whiteon August 18, 2020
Despite all my rage

UFC 4 gets a new career mode trailer

by Mick Dohertyon July 31, 2020
Let’s get ready to rumble

EA officially announce UFC 4, coming August 14

by Chris Whiteon July 11, 2020
Styling and profiling

EA Sports UFC 2 Video Review

by Adam Cookon March 10, 2016
Written review also available (soon).

Hands-on with UFC 2 - Stunning, Accessible, and Excellent

Hands-on with UFC 2 – Stunning, Accessible, and Excellent

by Chris Whiteon February 29, 2016
Stunning, Accessible, and Excellent.

EA Sports UFC 2 Announced, Coming Spring 2016

by Mike Stubbsyon November 9, 2015
More details coming soon.

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French Letters Episode 1

French Letters: Episode 8

by Lee Garbutton June 28, 2014
Fighting, Roleplaying and Adventuring!

EA Sports UFC Review

by Robin Parkeron June 26, 2014
Mixed Results Martial Arts