Space Junkies Non-VR Open Beta Starts Tomorrow

by Gary Baileyon July 24, 2019
Exclusive to Uplay.

Ubisoft Shares More Details On The Division 2 For PC, Including Specs

by Gary Baileyon January 9, 2019
Coming to the Epic Games Store instead of Steam.

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Pre-Order Trials Fusion via UPlay, Get Access To Closed Beta

by Lee Garbutton March 21, 2014
I hope your keyboards and controllers are tough enough.

Ubisoft Announce Free Driver Multiplayer Content and Driver Club

by Martin Bakeron September 7, 2011
Driver: San Francisco has been out less than a week but Ubisoft are already announcing the first lot of DLC, thankfully, for those of us that shelled out the full price on the day of release, the first DLC pack, a multiplayer pack, is going to be free. Ubisoft also announced the Driver Club,a game-to-web […]

Ubisoft Announce The Uplay Passport

by Martin Bakeron July 21, 2011
Over the past year or so we’ve seen more and more companies adopt the practice of including a code within the box of a new video game which unlocks some part of the game; these are usually the online portions of those games. We recently heard that Sony plan to implement their own coding system […]