Spike Video Game Awards: The Trailer Roundup

by Martin Bakeron December 11, 2011
If you missed the trailers that were shown at the Spike Video Game Awards on the 10th December 2011 then worry not because GodisaGeek.com has them all neat and tidy on a single page for your viewing pleasure!

Bioshock Infinite Has New Screenshot for Upcoming VGA Trailer

by Colm Ahernon December 7, 2011
Bioshock Infinite has a new screenshot! To tease the upcoming trailer at this weekend's VGAs, we have a shot of the trailer!

New PS3 Exclusive: The Last of Us Teaser Trailer

by Colm Ahernon December 4, 2011
The Video Game Awards - VGAs - are set to take place on 10th December and it has surfaced that a PS3 exclusive called, The Last of Us will be shown off, in the for of a trailer, on the night.

Watch The GAME BAFTA Video Game Awards 2011 Replay

by Adam Cookon March 17, 2011
Whilst we couldn’t bring you live streaming coverage of the Video Game BAFTA’s this year, we can bring you a replay of them. In case you don’t want it spoiled in advance, underneath the video stream we’ll list the winners of each category, so if that’s all that is important to you, feel free to […]