Star Fox 64 hits Wii U Virtual Console on March 24

by Greg Hillon March 21, 2016
Rumblepak not included.

Super Mario RPG Releasing on Wii U This Week

by Greg Hillon December 21, 2015
Before Paper Mario...

Super Mario Galaxy Rated for Wii U

by Greg Hillon December 14, 2015
Secrets and lies.

EarthBound Beginnings Coming Today on Wii U Virtual Console

by Greg Hillon June 14, 2015
Coming West for the first time ever.

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This Week’s Nintendo Downloads: Picross e3!

by Lee Garbutton November 11, 2013
Oh, and Mega Man X2. But mainly Picross e3.

Blue Hedgehogs Invade This Week’s Nintendo Download

by Lee Garbutton October 14, 2013
Oh, and you can get Urban Champion on Wii U Virtual Console.