Gears of War 4 main cast revealed

by Greg Hillon March 8, 2016
Due out later this year.

Dishonored’s Exceptional Ensemble Cast Revealed

by Ryan Sandreyon August 3, 2012
Featuring a whole host of award-winning talent, Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios’ upcoming first-person action game Dishonored’s all-star cast will help your immersion in the adventures of Corvo.

The 3rd Birthday Getting A Special Edition & Celebrity Voice Cast

by Adam Cookon February 1, 2011
Square-Enix have today announced that their upcoming Sony PSP title “The 3rd Birthday” is to get a special edition! Starring Ava Brea from the Parasite Eve franchise, The 3rd Birthday is a third person shooter action RPG! Not content with just announcing a special edition, Square-Enix have also revealed the celebrity voice cast involved in […]