New Saints Row IV Details Revealed

by Michéal Murphyon July 22, 2013
More madness confirmed

Saints Row IV E3 Trailer – War for Humanity

by James Bowdenon June 7, 2013
Featuring both painfully over dramatic music, and the president running around in his birthday suit.

Deep Silver Unveils Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition

by Francis McCabeon June 5, 2013
Sorry, no purple, ummm weapon, this time.

Deep Silver and Volition Salute the Chief in Latest Saint’s Row IV Trailer

by Francis McCabeon May 24, 2013
And you thought Saint's Row: The Third was crazy.

Saints Row IV Preview – Two Words: Dubstep Gun

by Ben Skipperon March 22, 2013
It must have been a trap; this was supposed to be the grand unveiling of Saints Row IV, the first look at a game renowned for its ridiculousness yet here I was sat in a rather humble looking room. Bathed in purple light, the chairs looked like those your grandmother might own and there wasn’t a giant purple dildo in sight.

Saints Row IV Announced With Typically Barmy Trailer

by Ben Skipperon March 15, 2013
Deep Silver and Volition, Inc have officially announced Saints Row IV.