Portal 2 Review

by Adam Cookon May 4, 2011
Game: Portal 2 Developer: Valve Corporation Publisher: Valve Corporation Available on: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (Reviewed on Steam and PlayStation 3) Writing a Portal 2 review is a particularly tricky thing to do. On the one hand, it’s absolutely vital to let everyone know just what this second installment to the IP Valve introduced […]

Get Your Very Own Turret From Aperture Science

by Martin Bakeron April 5, 2011
How many times have you gone out for a night out, leaving all your precious belongings at home with nobody to look after them. If only you had a safe, secure and diligent device that would turn whoever dared set foot on your turf into something that resembled a colander. Well, thanks to Aperture Science, […]

Portal 2 – Panels Advertisement Trailer

by Martin Bakeron March 23, 2011
Valve seem to be experts in getting people excited for their games, granted it’s usually with good cause but it’s still a talent that various other games companies would pray to several different gods to get their hands on. This time their marketing strategy is a series of videos showing some of the cool new […]