Mobile Monday – Disco Kitten, de Blob: Revolution, Tesla Wars HD, Word Fusion

by Martin Bakeron July 2, 2012
It's Monday so that means it's time for another four games to be reviewed in Mobile Monday. This week we've got Disco Kitten, de Blob: Revolution, Tesla Wars HD and Word Fusion. Read the full reviews for each game at

Xbox LIVE House Party 2012 Titles Announced

by Adam Cookon January 10, 2012
It is becoming a time honoured tradition now for Microsoft to put together some stellar titles and release them under the guise of the House Party promotion - and this year looks no different. Full details on

Godcast Extra: The Future of Mobile Gaming

by Adam Cookon November 7, 2011
Still in the off-season break, we bring you another Godcast extra, where we talk all about mobile gaming, and where it's heading!

Furry Friends Invade Windows Phone 7 with Kinectimals

by Jason Hendrickson November 3, 2011
You will now be able to bring you virtual pets anywhere! Kinectimals has gone portable and is now available for download on the Windows Phone 7! This announcement comes on the heels of the addition of bear cubs in its 360 counterpart, another great asset to the franchise. With Kinectimals for the Windows Phone you will be able […]

Windows Phone 7 Xbox LIVE Roundup – Volume One

by Martin Bakeron August 25, 2011
All of the titles discussed in this roundup are available right now through the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. Just go to the 'Marketplace' app on your device, press the search button, type in the name of the game you want and enjoy yourself!

Windows Phone 7 – Xbox LIVE On The Go!

by Adam Cookon August 18, 2011
The biggest draw to any Windows Phone 7 (WP7) device has to be the Xbox LIVE integration, and what it means to the user, as a gamer.

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Go On Safari With New Map For Flight Control HD

by Robin Parkeron July 21, 2011
At GodisaGeek we have played almost every version of Flight Control, on every platform imaginable. The highly-addictive airfield management and strategy game sees players guiding their aircraft in to land, whilst making sure their flightpaths don’t cross and trying to avoid crashes. Well now, exclusively to the Mac App store version of Flight Control HD, […]

Plants Vs. Zombies Wages War On Windows Phone

by Robin Parkeron June 23, 2011
After the Dead Island update, here is some more zombie-themed news for your delectation. PopCap Games can proudly announce the global launch of the smash-hit game Plants vs. Zombies for Windows Phone 7. It will be a part of the Must Have Games promotion that Microsoft are running, on Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone. It […]

Must-Have Xbox LIVE Titles Announced For Windows Phone 7

by Martin Bakeron May 18, 2011
If you’re one of the early adopters of the new range of Windows Phone 7 mobile devices, then you’ll be aware that their biggest downfall is the lack of quality apps available. Especially games. For a while now the iPhone and Android marketplaces have been well in the lead, but with the backing of the […]